Ball Blowing Elephant | Electric Walking Toy
Ball Blowing Elephant | Electric Walking Toy
Ball Blowing Elephant | Electric Walking Toy

Ball Blowing Elephant | Electric Walking Toy

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The Ball Blowing Elephants have arrived! Not only adorable, but also versatile! They are definitely your kids’ best companions.

Why Ball Blowing Elephant is perfect for your kids

  • Excellent Walking Toy for Toddlers

This lovely elephant walks and blows air from its trunk, making the ball float in the air and drawing the attention of the kids. It is designed to help kids developing their physical coordination and sensory skills. They will also have a lot of fun from chasing their Ball Blowing Elephant!

  • Humidify Kids’ Playroom

The Ball Blowing Elephant is a humidifier designed for kids’ playroom. It's a toy that is also a home appliance. Not only does it keep the air moisturized and healthy, it also provides a fun and interactive way for children to get the benefits of a humidifier.

  • 360° Moving Design with Universal Wheel

Each Ball Blowing Elephant comes with a universal wheel at the bottom, which will automatically turn when encountering obstacles, attracting your kids to chase and play more safely.
  • Soft Lighting with Rhythmic Music

While running around your home, this cute elephant emits rhythmic music and flashes soft lighting with its big ears. Its unique design will bring hours of entertainment not just for your kids, but for everyone in your household.

  • High Quality with Safe Material

Our Ball Blowing Elephants are designed by parents, test-played by toddlers and kids, made with safe ABS material, with smooth edges and no burrs.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids and Toddlers

If you're looking for the best gift for children, this is your right choice! Whether you give them as a Christmas gift, birthday surprise, or other events, our Ball Blowing Elephants will give them unlimited fun and great times!