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Sonya Pease is an anesthesiologist who has been dedicated to saving lives for the past 20 years. She has problems with her joints. Especially the spine and ankle joint because standing for too long in the operating room and working in the hospital requires a lot of walking. As a patient treated by Sonya Pease, I have witnessed her difficulties and obstacles in the process of treating patients. During the treatment, I discovered that the shoes that Sonya Pease wore were not really comfortable for her when she was active. Recently, the outbreak of Covid-19 has made Sonya Pease miserable due to shortage of both the personnel and medical equipment. She looked more miserable and tired, so I thought I need to do something to help the people who took the care of me like their family.

SueChic is my thanks to the medical team, and we will constantly offer the best solutions for them.

A Guarantee

SUECHIC is a brand you can trust. All our products are backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can shop risk-free and most importantly, stress-free. Our ultimate goal is create a loyal customer base that will constantly return to our store to simply shop freely, comfortably, and conveniently.

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